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Looking a little deeper [Jan. 18th, 2005|10:59 am]
[mood |thoughtfulPhilisophical]

Last week I mentioned a small realization I had. I lost 10 minutes of valuable sleep to write this down as I figured it was... something... enough to warrant attention anyway.

This is not meant to be self deprecating, please don't take it as such. I was thinking about why I do some of the things I do, and could find no explanation. This thought occurred however, and while I don't think it answered the questions I was asking, it did provide something to think about.

The universe, by it's very nature is self destructive.
The point of it's creation also created it's demise.
Defined it's finite nature, foretold it's inevitable doom,
either through unending expansion or total inward collapse.
I am a natural part of the universe.
My make up is entirely of materials and energies
that have existed since the very instant this cataclysm occurred.
My nature is the same as the rest of the universe.
I am self destructive. It is in my nature to be so.
It is in all of our natures.

This tendency is not always apparent.

The duration of the universe is a long one.
The trends that show this tendency are very slow in revealing themselves.
My duration is much shorter.
The behaviors that display this tendency in me are much quicker to be revealed.
It's akin to sunlight through a magnifying glass,
a pinpoint on the ground, magnified many times in intensity,
diminished many times in area of effect.

Taking the metaphor one step further,
this focus of light is harmful to
the environment that it's unfocused counterpart is not.
Things that relish sunlight burn under this harsher version.
I must be careful of this effect.
It's entirely possible, since I am this focus,
that I am burning away that which relishes me.
We all could be.

Let me know what you think.