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I don't want to say too much... [Nov. 26th, 2005|02:58 am]
[mood |naughtyHmm...]
[music |Poisen - Nothin' but a Good Time]

Ok. So I always thought that I would NEVER be one of those people online actually actively looking a date. I mean, I'm a pretty big geek (someone said I wasn't today - more on that in a minute), but had always looked down my nose at internet dating sites... until recently anyway. Sure, I was a snob about it. I scoffed at the thought, much in the same way I would if you suggested I would enjoy living the rest of my life in a gold sequined jumpsuit embroidered in dyed Argentinean goat hair.

Now, due to circumstances of my recent life, my opinions have changed a bit on this. I decided to give it a shot.

Within hours had found someone very interesting. Lets call her Kirsten. She won't mind.

Within a week, Kirsten and I decided to meet.

That was last night. Now, I've decided to keep my thoughts to myself for the most part, since I haven't really fully processed the experience yet, but let's just say I'm DEFINATELY willing to meet again. I haven't met someone this interesting in a really long time.

Major selling point - She loves Douglas Adams. I mean, she MUST be cool!

One more thing... and I know this makes me sound like a creepy McCreeperson, but I promise it's not supposed to be. She smelled really good. Not like perfumy, not like she was trying to (at least I don't think so, anyway), I can't really describe it. It's not like I was sniffing her sleeve on the sly or anything, but every so often during our conversation I would just get a gentle breeze blowing by due to the door being opened, and this smell came wafting over with it.

Okay, that does sound a little creepy. I promise, it was innocent. PROMISE!

So, yeah, about the non-geeky thing... I was talking to my boss today, and in the conversation I mentioned I'm a big geek. Geekiness is a large part of my self image, and I'm proud of that fact. Boss man (who is very cool, BTW) said, and I quote "Well, I would exactly describe you as a geek....". Now, I actually took a little offense to this. I mean, how dare he?? I'm a HUGE geek! I mean, I know every episode of Star Trek TNG by heart almost! I listen to butt rock! I PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!!! If that's not geeky, then I don't know WHAT is! So, in response to this obvious challenge to my manhood, I challenge back with "Ok then, what WOULD you classify me as?". He sat there for a few minutes, mulling it over, then simply stated "I'm not sure exactly", which was a cop-out. But you know, I took it as a compliment. In today's society of passive-aggressive conformity, to defy classification means I must have done something right. I'll take it.

And to top off this wholly strangely good day, it snowed! YAY!