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Elipses 'R' Us... [Nov. 29th, 2005|12:22 am]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Ring of Fire - Johnny and June Cash]

I think the date went pretty well. I mean, it was only FUCKING AWESOME. First of all the indian food was pretty good. They had some good chicken curry. Rice was a little underdone. Good conversation about games. She's not a gamer, but I really liked how instead of just change the subject, she just related it to positive experiences she'd had with them. I was impressed. She didn't mind talking about things that weren't in her immediate sphere of influence. Spoke volumes, to me.

We then left to get cigarettes for Kirsten, which I forgot to stop for, so we went straight to the movie. I felt like an ass, but offered one of mine to ease the pain. Sort of offered, anyway.... Went and sat down in our seats. The conversation was various, but pleasant. I commented a few times on the previews, she mentioned she read the book Life as a Geisha and she wanted to see it. Looks kind of interesting, saw a brief glimpse of what seemed to be a actual depiction of Japanese Foot Binding... ouch. THAT'S creepy. Anyway, during the movie, very little speech, but there was something there. For sure.

We decided after the movie to go to her house and watch a movie. She doesn't own any... well, 3 she said. I have quite a few. Since we're so close to my house, why don't I grab one? We decided on Drop Dead Gorgeous. We'd both seen it before, but neither in a while. So then I had to explain how crappy the house was, and I didn't want her to see it. (My room is also a sty, and don't think my floor of laundry will impress someone usually...). So I run in a grab it, and we head back to her place. All I can say is that her cats... they love me. One of them actually reminds me of Luthien, quite a bit.

Anyway, going out again wed. Not sure what we're doing yet, but not that worried about it. We'll figure it out tomorrow.

Oh, and Walk the Line is pretty good, too....

Until Then...

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2006-04-18 11:35 pm (UTC)
hey, drunken philosopher ...
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